Monday, June 6, 2016

Log Viewer Update - shading and tops look nice

There are several code projects going on all at once; Petrophysics Wireline Log Viewer, Reservoir Engineering Production Decline Analysis, Geosteering Correlation, etc.  This week I added some formation tops to the Petrophysics Log Viewer.  In this snapshot I am showcasing the colors fills generated by an ECS and CMR log.  The CMR bins are cumulatively built on one another.   In the middle I have the lithology showing clay, calcite, and quartz.  To the right is the porosity track with shading total porosity as green and effective porosity in lime green.   

The formation top colors can have their own colors and are saved by HTML code.  

The log viewer takes less than 4 seconds to startup and display the log with all the shading.  I've already worked out the code to graphically pick/move/delete tops and am working on the code to edit curves graphically.  

For all the code savvy people out there; Python 3.x and I'm only using Tkinter as the only dependency.  All code for tracks and curves has been generated in-house.  This will allow the log viewer to run on Windows, Linux or Mac without any code changes necessary.

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