Thursday, June 23, 2016

Log Viewer Update - Tops Picking

Graphically creating, moving and deleting tops in a log viewer is a must.  Typing in depths is not acceptable.  Making it easy to use is even better.  For those Recall users out there, you know that there are more buttons than just the left mouse button.  Most time in software you left click on EVERYTHING.  This can create a LOT of extra clicks.  "Click this reticle icon to edit tops.  Click here to create a top.  Hover your mouse over the top, raise your right foot and change to a different program to delete tops."

I've made mine pretty simple.  Select the menu to edit tops.  Left click and drag to move existing tops.  Right click to create a new one.  Middle click to delete.  All popup windows appear underneath the mouse click.  A temporary gray line appears while you are moving an existing tops.

I've got my made-up Roswell, New Mexico log here for an example.  (Yeah, I looked up API number for the Chaves County)

So to do anything you just have to turn on Tops Editing.

I creatively just added <Tops Editing Mode> to the title to know whether or not the mode was enabled.  

Right click and type in the new top name.  That's it.  

To move the top requires a simple left click and drag.  While dragging there is a temporary gray line to help that the move is in the right spot.  

I can create.  I can edit.  Now to delete I could just middle click to remove a top.

All of this is done in memory.  So saving edits is done simply from the menu bar.  

This motivates me to build a cross section view so I can correlate across multiple wells.

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