Saturday, August 27, 2016

Xplotter - New Updates; multi-well cross plots and some nice color palettes

While starting a petrophysics consulting business I am making software on the side to support the consulting.  This is to combat the high cost of the major petrophysical software programs available and also have something professional and customizable.  Xplotter is a cross plot program that will read a CSV or LAS file directly and even allows adding in multiple LAS files to compare measurements in the same intervals.  This software is not yet ready for commercialization, but I am thrilled with how it is coming along.  Here are some of the recent updates and fun examples.

1)  Multi-well cross plotting & limit data to interval of interest

Some of the existing geologic software packages that include petrophysical packages still can't perform multi-well cross plotting.  This is vital when making a petrophysical model across a basin.  In this example I've pulled in three wells and have limited their data to the tops I picked for the Wolfcamp A.

2)  Fun with color palettes

I never meant to be an interior designer.  My clothes are very plain and I can't see the differences in shades of yellow paint.  But my color palettes for logging measurements is getting pretty complex and awesome.  Here are some fun examples.

Gamma Ray Uranium vs. Total Gamma Ray - colored by volume of calcite

Neutron vs. Bulk Density - colored by volume of calcite

Bulk Density vs. Neutron - colored by clay volume

UMAA vs. RHOMA - colored by clay volume

I call that last color palette "Coffee is good for Scientists".  Of course, I added some lines, text and title boxes outside of Xplotter.  I've worked out the code to be able to add comments to plots, move them around and just need to implement.

3)  Log/log & semilog

A while back I put in logarithmic capabilities.  I think that instead of writing a completely separate program for decline analysis, I will just include the calculations into Xplotter for decline and EUR calculations.  In the example below I am using public data from the Texas Railroad commision and looking at when different wells came online in the same section.I added the yellow and green boxes and text outside of Xplotter.

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