Monday, January 16, 2017

One of the perks about writing your own software

Don't get me wrong, writing your own software has a lot of headaches and extra work.  If I want to create a nice utility that will cut down on my work and I end up spending WAY more time on it than I should.  But there are some SUPER easy utilities that come out that you typically don't see in other software.  One little neat widget is a shortcut that automatically puts an oil and gas well UWI in my Windows clipboard so I can paste it into another program.

A completely different project that I am building to help create and save color palettes is taking way too long.  I know there are utilities built already online, but I want to integrate a color palette utility into my cross plot and log software.  It is coming along quickly but I am getting a bit of project creep.

I think small victories are a great thing to have as you work constantly on the bigger projects.  Remember to celebrate those small victories.  This is the momentum that helps you continue to tackle bigger projects.